Monday, August 31, 2009

The thing about myspace/facebook

Its not surprising how grown man try to talk to young girls/boys(ages 12-15) on myspace or even facebook, it shocking how young girls/boys will actually talk back to them(don't kids ever listen to you parents when they tell them:"NEVER TALK TO STRANGER AND NEVER ACCEPTED THEM AS A FRIEND!") I'm not saying myspace/facebook is bad but myspace was created for more of the younger generation, while facebook was more for the older generation. Most people now have both or maybe one or the other. OK I'm jumping off topic, in my opinion the reason why grown man is trying to talk to the young children is because of the picture the have on their profile or maybe the age: instead of the child putting 13 or 14 as their age, some put 18 or maybe 22 there could be other reason. I never understand why my mother was so over-protective when it come to myspace until now, kids giving there address to grown man cause they say "I'm your father/mother friend". Personally I think all parent should check there kids myspace once and while and make sure they actually know the people they have as a "friend" on myspace as well as facebook.

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