Sunday, September 27, 2009

What happen ?

It been 2months me and my boo been together and that the longest relationship i every had(I'm so serious) -__-. I was really happy to be with him but the past end up creeping back into my life and want to ruined everything. I hate how things are now; one moment we fine cuddling && happy then the next he act like we not even together. I miss the day when we was the mall and he would randomly kiss me, the day when he would wrap his arm around my shoulder and I would feel safe. First day of school when he would take me to all my class, give me a peck on the cheeks, a little small kiss every once and while. Make me blush when he whisper something in my ear, use to argue but we only playing. Make it seem like we been dating more then 2months.

Now it like where do we stand, do you still love me? Do you even care? Are you going keep you're promised and stay with me or you just let everything go. Would you let the past come between us?? We use to be so happy what happen now? I don't know what's going happen but it feel like I'm losing you every day and I really want you to stay. I honestly don't know anymore.....

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